Natural-Paws Pet Grooming

Mobile Grooming Service

Servicing Guelph, Fergus & Elora Areas

Natural-Paws Pet Grooming started operating in 2015. It was my goal to open a salon that had the greatest convenience for pets and clients. There is no place like home! This is why I felt mobile grooming was the answer. Each pet gets one on one attention with no kennel time or waiting time. The service is great for pets with anxiety, special needs, or busy pet parents. Not only did I want to bring my clients convenience but I wanted to provide quality care. I am conscious of every product I use on the pets and within the facility. I constantly research all my products and ingredients. I wanted to incorporate a healthy, natural method into grooming. Pets cannot advocate for themselves, I strive to do so for them. ​​​​

The Facility


The facility is fully equipped with all the grooming necessities and added comforts.​​

Air Conditioning
Fresh Water
Water Heater
Shop Vac
Steam Cleaner
Soothing Music
Organic Lavender Scent for a Calming Ambience

Bathing: The water used for bathing is fresh, never re-used, has a soothing warm temperature and perfect water pressure for a hydro massage while washing all the dirt away.

Drying: The dryers are designed for pet use and are the quietest dryers on the market. The dryers have variable speeds to adjust for each pet's size and preference.

Grooming Table: The grooming table is hydraulic so it can lower to the ground for large breeds to easily walk on. From the grooming table they can walk right into the bath without hastle. This helps larger breeds with mobility issues.

Grooming Equipment: The equipment used is professional quality, safe and efficient. It is sterilized after each use. 



Guelph Tribune Readers Choice Awards 2018- Platinum

Guelph Tribune Readers Choice Awards 2017- Gold In the top 3 Pet Groomers in Guelph

​​The Professional Groomer

I graduated from Northern College with honours in a Certificate for Animal Grooming. I attend grooming seminars to constantly improve my skills as a groomer. I also attend herbal conferences to obtain more knowlege of herbal support for pets. I am trained in pet first aid and special needs animal handling. Growing up on a herbal alpaca farm with lots of different animals gave me experience in handling and caring for all kinds of animals in a natural way. My pet family includes a Cairn Terrier named Duughan, a cat named Knightson and a Doberman mix named Odie. I strive to give all pets the most comfortable grooming experience possible,  as I would for my fur family.